Få med deg siste nytt fra Energi & Klimateknikk . Vi vil poste prosjekter og andre viktige begivenheter for bdriften så fort vi får anledning.   Det vil i starten være noe forsinkelse fra hendelsene skjer til de kommer inn her, dersom du ønsker å holde deg oppdatert til en hver tid ber vi deg sjekke ut vår linkedin side. Se linkedin.com og Energi & Klimateknikk AS.

Landøya Videregående Skole

Today we finalized the training of the staff at Landøya secondary School in Asker, Norway. They got a good understanding of the heat pump, backup systems,

Caleffi is BIM ready

Caleffi Hydronic Solutions has a lot of smart solutions, and they have launched a lot of their products as BIM models. This makes

MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort

In March of this year we were attending MCE “Mostra Convegno Expocomfort” in Milano, Italy. We had the opportunity to

Caleffi Seminar

We had the great opportunity of visiting Caleffi at their headquarters outside Milano, Italy in February of 2018.  We had a great tour around their facilities and got to know their products very well through courses and hands on training. We’re looking forward to...

Galletti S.p.a facility tour

A great thanks to all at Galletti S.p.a. for the tour of their facility’s back in 2016. We really enjoyed the tour we were given and are looking forward to next time. We are really enjoying the good partnership, and the trust that we are given to be the only company...


We are proud to introduce Eder as a new producer in our portfolio. Eder has been in the Norwegian market since early 2000.