We are proud to introduce Eder as a new producer in our portfolio. Eder has been in the Norwegian market since early 2000. From this year and up to 2015 Eder was represented by Grundfos dep. Norway. In between 2015 and up to today, Eder was not fully represented in Norway. Until today! We are now bringing the legacy of Eder in Norway further. With this new cooperation we wish to get in touch with anyone who has facilities from Eder in Norway and wants to get spare parts, or more products from Eder. Also, if you don’t have a system from Eder at this point, but you want help with getting an offer, we wish to get in contact with you too! Eder is an Austrian manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in expansion and heating technology. You can find more information about Eder on our website http://ek-teknikk.no or the manufacturer’s website: https://lnkd.in/dpzRp56