LER – Innendørs motordrevet fordamper-aggregat 40-420 kW

  • Elektronisk ekspansjonsventil
  • Opp til 4 kompressorer
  • 1 eller 2 kjølekretser
  • kompakte dimensjoner
  • Lavt støynivå
  • Kommuniserer med de fleste protokoller – ModBus, Lonworks, GSM, SNMP eller BACNET, overvåking)
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Compact and silent machines With remote dissipation into the air The LER range consists of 19 models with a cooling capacity range from 40 to 420 kW and is available in a standard or silenced acoustic version. The possibility of setting up different  ooling circuits in units of the same power means being able to personalise  efficiency levels under full or part load conditions and the redundancy. Three different efficiency packs are available:

• 1 cooling circuit, 2 compressors
• 2 cooling circuits, 2 compressors
• 2 cooling circuits, 4 compressors

The LER units are developed in a completely enclosed version for a low noise operation making it possible to install them in non-segregated environments. They are characterized by a rounded shape contributing to an attractive appearance.
The possibility of keeping the evaporator indoors means there is no need to add glycol to the water inside the system, which brings clear benefits in terms of thermodynamic efficiency, protection against corrosion and respect for the environment. In addition, you can keep all components requiring maintenance in an easily accessible room. In air-conditioning applications it is often requested to have heat available for heating sanitary water or controlling post-heating in air-handling units where independent temperature and humidity control is required. all the cooling only units of the LER series are available on request with desuperheater for partial heat recovery; the available thermal power, which can, for example, be used to produce domestic hot water or for post-heating heat exchangers, depends on the unit’s operating conditions.


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