Sunline H/V Strålepanel kombinert med ventilasjon


  • Sports halls
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Industrial buildings
  • Car dealerships
  • Exhibition buildings
  • Airport terminals
  • Places of Assembly



  • Saving of energy
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Optimum adaptation to the partial load ranges
  • Silent
  • No significant air movements
  • No additional air outlets
  • Resistance to ball-impacts
  • Delivery in all RAL colors


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Operational tests and evaluations carried out on behalf of the German Sport conferderations ‘Institut für Sportstättenbau Köln Müngersdorf’ have shown that Sunline radiant ceiling panels are particularly suitable for heating of sports halls. In particular, the vertical temperature distribution in the halls is beneficial. This can be justified by the fact that almost each location in a sport hall has the same conditions and the floor temperature is always about 1 to 2°C above the room temperature. Today’s increased requirements for energy-saving heating and ventilating of large spaces, we contribute with our advanced Sunline Heating/Ventilation (H/V) system. Wherever natural hall ventilation is not sufficient, Sunline H/V radiant ceiling panels can be used. This system combines the energy and economic benefits of radiant heating with the technical advantages of mechanical ventilation. The combination of radiation and ventilation results in significant savings of equipment and energy costs compared to conventional heating systems.


The use of Sunline H/V radiant ceiling panels not only covers the demand for heating transmission, but also the demand for ventilation heat demand. The required supply air, which is needed for the ventilation heat demand is blown roof-or channel-fan in warm air channel installed on the radiant ceiling panels. In the warm air channel on the panel, the supply air is warmed to room temperature and then blown out through the perforated surfaces on the underside of the radiant ceiling panel. Heated fresh air is provided to the room without noticeable air movement. This is particularly important in areas, where air change is required without raising dust. In addition, by installing a heat recovery system for insertion of fresh air, the energy savings can be significantly increased.


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