Sunline Agraterm – strålepanel for dyreprodulsjon

  • High-quality elements
  • Up to 35% of energy saved compared to other heating systems
  • Option to integrate solar thermal power and district heat from biogas plants
  • Drying of the floor from radiation heat
  • No draft occurrences and dust being dispersed
  • Reduction of the sickness and mortality rates
  • Reduction of the doctor and medication costs
  • Good cleaning options due to planar surfaces
  • No open fire in the stable, no fire hazard
  • Good heat distribution and controllability
  • The temperature felt is higher than the air temperature


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A perfect stable climate consists of many components. Some of the most important ones are air temperature, air speed, heat radiation and relative humidity. To be able to meet these requirements, the Sunline Agrartherm wing heating system was developed. Similar to the system of the sun, with this innovative heating system the heat is emitted to the ambience in the form of radiation heat. Thanks to this heat emission that is very similar to nature, a high level of comfort and a well-being climate is created in accordance with the species and age of the animals. The Sunline Agrartherm wing heating system supports the breeding, husbandry and care of commercial animals in an active, energy-saving and resource-saving way.

Depending on the design widths, a corresponding amount of 3/4 inch precision steep tubes are welded into the steel sheet to conduct the water. The maximum design length of an Agrartherm element is 3,000 mm. To make longer panel run, the elements are interconnected with press fitting. To comply with the most varied areas of application, the Agrartherm wing heating system is available in two designs.

The first design consists solely of the steel sheet as well as tubes welded in and is connected with a hoist system. The hoist system enables the unilateral dropping of the element for easier cleaning, also on the plate top surface, and is therefore perfectly suitable for turkey or chicken fattening houses. The second design also consists of a steel sheet with precision steel tubes welded in. In addition, however, an insulation is inserted and the top end sealed with a cover sheet. This type of design is particularly suitable for breeding pens, milking systems and the like, as complete cleaning is also possible here.

Every element of the above designs is fitted with an anti-corrosion coating at the plant and then a burning-in powder varnish is Applied.

The elements are used in nearly all areas of agriculture due to the high profitability and the hygienic benefits.

  • Chicken fattening houses
  • Turkey fattening houses
  • Milking parlours
  • Calf breeding stables
  • Piglet breeding stables
  • Potato warehouses
  • Grain warehouses
  • Workshops, etc.


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