Sunline – Aluline superplan

As the heating and cooling panels Aluline, the Aluline Superplan has a very low operating weight (11.8 kg/m²). The smooth surface without joints and beads meets highest demands in terms of styling options.

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Thermal comfort is a prerequisite for health and high efficiency at the workplace.

Optimum productivity in the workplace should be the goal of every company. According to general experience, a person’s performance capacity decreases by 30 per cent when the room temperature rises from 26°C to 30°C. Therefore, the cooling of buildings is gaining in importance.

The ASR 6/1.3 Guideline for Workplaces specifies limit values for indoor temperatures. When taking these guidelines into consideration, it must be ensured that the room temperature does not exceed 26°C at outdoor temperatures of 32 °C. In the case of higher outdoor temperatures, adifference of at least 6K must be ensured. The Aluline Superplan meets this requirement for comfortable air-conditioning at the workplace both in winter and in summer. This highly efficient aluminium radiant panel combines the advantages of energy-saving heating and cooling with the aesthetic demand for a simple and stylish design.

For reasons of comfort and energy, the use of panel heating and cooling in the form of suspended sails and ceilings has, compared to air-conditioning systems, increasingly established itself. It is an energy-efficient, quiet and extremely comfortable alternative to conventional systems which have previously been used in office buildings.

The use of large surfaces as a source of radiation ensures that the average heating and cooling water temperatures are close to the ambient temperature. They are therefore particularly suited forthe integration of renewable energy sources. A smooth surface, free from ledges and pipe wells, provides a multitude of architectural applications for office complexes, public and cultural institutions, industrial areas and much


On the inside of the Aluline Superplan, thermal conduction profiles are located, which are glued to the sheet steel. The water-carrying copper pipes with a diameter of 15 x 0.75 mm are pressed firmly into the conduction profiles. To avoid heat losses towards the ceiling panels, mineral wool is laid-in on top of high quality board. The non-flammable insulation has a thickness of 40 mm. Through an upstand of 60 mm, the insulation is fixed. This upstand can either be bented to 90° or 70°. Adjustable clamping profiles made from galvanized sheet steel allow a variable hanging-up. The connection of the single panels is done by patented sliding sleeves.

Individual elements, can be manufactured up to a length of 3000 mm. The Aluline Superplan can be supplied perforated for both aural and visual reasons. The perforation combined with the excellent thermal insulation result in excellent room acoustics and the reverberation time can be shortened considerably.


In addition to the standard color RAL 9016 – traffic white – delivery in other RAL colors are possible. Upper cover plates are available as accessories. If desired, the factory aperture in round, square or rectangular shape for lighting or speakers. Miters on angled panels or adaptation to special designs can also be manufactured easily.

A special solution of the Aluline Superplan is the 4-tube system. This ensures an optimal power adjustment to the local usage requirements. Separate heating and cooling circuits enable a fast exchange between these individual systems.

As the number of tubes will be fitted to the heating and cooling mode, we guarantee an optimum adaptation to the actual thermal loads. Particularly in open-plan offices, the ability of fast response to thermal loads is very important. With the Sunline Aluline 4-tube system, the rooms on the south side of the building can be cooled while the rooms of the north side are still heated. The conditions for work will be adapted to the requirement of the users. The climate of the workplace affects both, the sickness rates of the employees as well as their performance. The costs caused by unhealthy work environments can be as high as the cost of creating an optimal thermal and acoustic comfort.

Due to the optimization of the mass flows, the diameters of the supply pipes will be adjusted perfectly. Because of the fast reaction to performance changes, the Aluline – Superplan 4-tube option is preferably installed in areas with frequent temperature fluctuations.



  • Clear separation of heating and cooling circuit
  • No antifreeze within the heating circuit, thereby no loss of heat and no loss of power
  • Fast response to changing thermal loads
  • Optimization of the mass flows
  • Optimal adaption of the calculated pipe diameters to the heating or cooling load
  • Cost savings due to easy installation
  • Simple control components

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